Asked & answered: Read the most-asked questions from our webinar

Thanks to all the agents who joined us for our webinar with Facebook Marketplace yesterday! We received some great questions and although we didn’t have time to answer all of them, we thought we’d continue the conversation here by answering the most commonly submitted ones. Please feel free to ask any additional questions or follow up on the thread below :point_down:

You can find even more information about OneDome and Facebook Marketplace here


Why is OneDome a free portal?

When we decided to create our free property portal, we did so because there are frankly too many pay-to-list portals on the market. To put it simply, competing with other pay-to-list portals made no sense; agents are already inundated with fees incurred from listing across multiple portals charging them and we didn’t want to be an extra financial burden.

We wanted to develop a portal that works with agents and recognises that without their listings, a portal cannot exist. This is why we provide agents with free listings, because it empowers us both. The more agents listing with OneDome, the more value is created for customers.

Unlike other portals we don’t make money from advertising listings, so it’s easy for us to guarantee that listing with OneDome will be free forever. In addition, we provide each and every one of our listing agents with a contract that guarantees free listings for 100 years.

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Does OneDome sell estate agency listing data?

At OneDome, we do not sell agents’ data to any third parties. We only ever use listings for the purpose of generating leads for estate agents. On occasion, agents who list with us will ask that we index their website to get their listings onto, instead of providing us with a live feed.

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How do you plan to market OneDome and how will an end user know about you?

Right now, our main focus is on direct-response marketing. We drive traffic by finding users based on their behaviours and are then able to send more leads to our estate agency partners.

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Do estate agents have to sign up for optional services to list on OneDome?

No, you do not need to use any other service to list your properties. It is a free service.

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How do we set up an estate agency profile on OneDome and Facebook Marketplace?

Please contact us on and we will sort it out for you.

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If an agent gets a vendor leads via OneDome, can they also advertise on Rightmove and Zoopla?

Absolutely, we are not here to tell you how you should run your business – we are here to help you generate more business. We don’t place any restrictions on agents regarding the other portals they are working with.

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I believe my agency is already providing OneDome with a feed. Do I have to do anything more to go on Facebook Marketplace for my properties I am listing?

You just need to inform us that you’d like your properties added to Facebook Marketplace and we will make sure that your agency is added. Any agent who has recently joined us will have their listings automatically listed on Facebook Marketplace.

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What marketing tools/leaflets etc. do you have that we can use within the office and on appointments?

We have digital assets that we would be very happy to share with you. Please contact us at

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48 hours is a long time these days, as many of our existing feeds are within an hour. Can you improve this?

It takes only 48 hours for our team to set up your feed initially. Once it is setup, we update your feed on our website and Marketplace as quickly as your CRM updates it.

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Is there a way to make the feed quicker? Customers want to see their listing appear quickly or a price change appear sooner.

We are happy to offer a live feed option, but it depends on your CRM. Please contact us at for more details.

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Does OneDome intend to add a Virtual Tour tab to listings?

We have already begun offering virtual tours on certain listings. If you would like to have virtual tours added to your listings, please contact us at

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Why would customers come to your site, instead of other major portals?

Major portals have done a good job in bringing many property listings together in one place, but they don’t help the customer or educate them on how to buy a property; instead they focus on viewings and enquiries, not completions.

OneDome helps home movers understand what steps they need to take in their property journey. We also connect them to businesses on the platform such as agents, lawyers, and mortgage providers. This way, they can have an enjoyable home moving experience that is easy and fast.

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What is the future of OneDome?

OneDome is constantly growing and working to improve upon our current offering. Our team is working hard to find ways to shorten the home buying and selling process by building a better connection between home movers, agents, conveyancers, and mortgage brokers.

Our goal is to bring the process down to six weeks, down from the current 16. Currently the agents who use our whole platform see their transaction times already reduced to 11 weeks. We’re definitely moving in the right direction!

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How does OneDome make money?

We work to give customers an enjoyable and connected home buying experience, whilst also helping agents generate more revenue. That’s why we offer various home moving services to customers in their home buying journey. OneDome is paid by various suppliers in the process. We are not reliant on any single firm and aim to make sure that all firms on our platform are vetted.


We help home buyers to prequalify themselves as early as possible in the home buying process to save time and to speed up the transaction. Our aim is to help them to find a lender to buy their dream property. That is why we introduce them to high quality mortgage brokers. We are not reliant on any single mortgage broker firm.

We welcome mortgage brokers that have strong relationships with estate agents or are part of the estate agency business to join the platform. Our data proves that home buyers get a better experience when they work with firms that have strong relationships with each other. So, if you would like to bring your mortgage firm or relationship to our platform, please send us an email. Just to be clear, we don’t interfere in commercial arrangements between various firms. We generate revenue by helping to facilitate the transaction.


Conveyancing is an important part of the home buying process and the one that is notoriously stressful for consumers and agents. This is why we are helping consumers by connecting them to quality firms on our platform and help to navigate the process as smoothly as possible.

We provide the ability for an agent to setup their own conveyancing panel. We don’t charge referral fees to conveyancing firms and don’t interfere with the commercial arrangements between firms. We provide conveyancers with a set of integrations they can use to complete some of their tasks. These include integrations with leading search providers and services that can validate a client’s ID. We charge conveyancers the market rate (or better) when they use our integrations, and make a small margin on these charges.

Vendor leads

Agents have the option to receive vendor leads from OneDome. It is an optional, additional service and we only charge agents a success fee on completion.

For more information, contact your account manager or email

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What are the other benefits offered by OneDome to estate agents?

We offer a list of extensive benefits to our estate agency partners. Our aim is to thank them for their support and help them and their customers to stand out from the crowd.

Here is a list of some of the benefits we are currently offer to all agents who join OneDome, the list is growing and there are a number of new initiatives we will announce to help agents and their customers as much as possible.

  1. Free web tools enabling prospective clients to request a viewing or a valuation 24/7 via agents’ website. This is a great way to engage the customers outside of working hours and deal with their requests when the office is open back to business.
  2. Autoresponder- we help agents to automatically deal with leads by responding to customers 24/7 on behalf of the agent and filter the leads where appropriate
  3. Instant conveyancing quote- we provide an ability for an agent to install a marketplace with their branding on their website, which enables home movers or negotiators to generate an instant conveyancing quote straight from their website.
  4. We help agents build their own conveyancing panel from the local firms that they already have strong relationships with. This helps them streamline their business, shorten the conveyancing process and increase revenue.
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