COVID crippling house sales: your experience?

I guess my wife and I are lucky. True to our username, we decamped to the peace and quiet and sheer uncrowded beauty of England’s Northwest more than 10 years ago, choosing as a place to live a mews-style home in a small gated estate exactly midway between two World Heritage sites – The Lake District and Hadrian’s Wall, both of which are a mere half hour drive from our front door.

That ability to stride through the High Country/ the Wild Country as it was once known to the Roman Legions, plus being able in less than 30 minutes to leave the house and hop aboard a hired little motorboat to cruise Ullswater has meant we’ve had the best of England (and in many ways, the best of Britain) within easy access.

As a business consultant I was lucky enough to be able to work from home for many years – long before working from home became a greatly desired state of affairs by governments wrestling with the COVID19 pandemic.

Due to family health reasons, we are in the process of selling and moving away. Given the fact that our home is for sale at what is very probably less than half the price that would be charged for it in London and the southeast, we were not surprised to learn of the interest of many homeowners down there, looking to get away from the hustle and the hassle to a far different landscape at much less cost.

Obviously, we’re not alone in that regard: there must presumably be other homeowners currently resident in areas of great beauty in the UK whose properties went on the market in late autumn – ours was the first week of November, just before UK lock-downs started occurring here there and everywhere.

Our problem now is that though where we are, the immediate area and indeed, the entire surrounding Lake District region is classed as Tier 2, prospective buyers have been unable to come and see us and inspect the property. No-one can travel out of Tier 4, nor Tier 3, so that’s that. And, we’re told, a national lockdown is imminent which will mean that even we lucky ones living in Tier 2 will be effectively immobilised from January 2021, thus making a gloomy prospect all the blacker.

We’re finding it massively frustrating, especially as the stamp duty ‘holiday’ is going to be over and done with only a short time from now. We’re wondering if others here are suffering the same selling frustrations as a result of this dratted virus??