Limited mortgage products

Does anyone know when mortgage companies are likely to offer a wider range of products?

We had a DIP before lockdown and were waiting for our offer to be accepted, then lockdown happened, our DIP expired and we are in a position where we can’t get a mortgage at the moment as we have a less than perfect credit history (nothing major). Concerned we are going to lose the house we want because mortgage companies are cherry picking…

Unfortunately lenders removed a lot of mortgage products when lock down happened which have not yet been replaced. More products are being introduced but not as fast as they were removed i’m afraid. Are you using a Mortgage Broker who has access to the majority of the market ?

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Hi. Yes, we are. Just very frustrating and worrying on our part! Especially as the buyers for our property are moving forward quite quickly.

Best of luck with your property transactions! Hope it all goes well😊