Moving To Buckinghamshire - Where's Best?

We’re planning to move to Buckinghamshire in the next year for the grammar schools for our son and daughter, but not sure which town/schools are best. Main criteria are easy driving access to North Oxford - so likely somewhere near the M40 and access to a reasonable train service to London for occasional visits for work.

Want somewhere relatively good value as we’re moving from Leicestershire so it’ll already be a financial shock - we have ruled out Beaconsfield & Marlow for that reason.

Any advice on best/worst towns and/or schools would be welcome…

I lived there many years ago so I can’t say much for what it’s like nowadays… however I do have a friend there now :slight_smile:

will text her and get back to you asap!!

I spoke to my friend and she asked if you’ve considered looking into High Wycombe? Super close to the M40 and there is a top grammar school there too ( The schools is boys only though, but there is a grammar school for girls as well ( Transport to London is easy via train from the town.

I lived in Cryers Hill back in the day, which is only a short drive from High Wycombe and it was (and I’d wager still is) a lovely little hamlet to live in. So if you want to be further from the town but close enough for convenience, you could look at some of the towns and villages nearby :slight_smile:

Hello from OneDome :slight_smile:

We don’t yet have a guide on Buckinghamshire as a whole, but we do have one available for High Wycombe. Please see the link below:

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!