New product: refer business to your network of suppliers

You can now create and manage your agency’s network of trusted suppliers through your OneDome Pro account.

You can add both conveyancers and mortgage brokers to your network. When you add a conveyancer, they will appear in the list of conveyancers that are displayed to customers that you invite to do conveyancing through OneDome.

When you add a mortgage broker to your network, any customers that you refer to OneDome who use our mortgage tools will be sent to your broker.

You can invite your existing suppliers to sign up to OneDome and join the network, or pick from a list of recommended suppliers already using OneDome.

Networks can be created for a specific branch or for the whole of your agency.

To create your network, this page in your OneDome Pro account. This functionality is available to users with the role of superuser or branch manager.