Poll: Tell us what you think about similar properties

Agents, we want to hear what you think!

How do you feel about the ‘similar property’ feature on portal listings?

  • Similar properties are a great way to show listings to more potential buyers
  • Similar properties are a distraction when users are looking at a listing

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Like many portals, we include a similar properties section on property listings. The goal is to give a buyer or renter an easy way to find relevant properties, and to give agents extra exposure to the right types of customers.

We want to make it easy for a customer to find all the properties that meet their criteria, so that they get in touch with as many agents as possible.

We’ve had some feedback over the past few days that some agents would prefer that we didn’t include similar properties, as they think they distract from the focus of the listing. We’ve had feedback from other places that suggests that similar properties are a useful addition.

Let us know your thoughts in the poll above to help us understand whether we should be thinking about removing them.